Great connectivity starts with great people.

Why Lightwire

A career at Lightwire is more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to connect businesses and people. At Lightwire, we harness the power of connectivity to enable our staff, customers, and partners to do more. Join us to make a better connected world happen and accelerate your career.

Meet the team

When we celebrated our 15th birthday, we made a short video to give you a little bit of a feel for where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and the people within the business.

Here’s a collection of thoughts and experiences from the team.  

our values

Technology is our means, humanity is our foundation. We embrace a set of values that power our results, shape our culture, and lead to strong relationships inside our company and out.

We care

We are focused on the best outcomes for our customers, communities, and team.


We foster and challenge a highly capable and motivated team to be a bit better every day.


We are a talented and collaborative team who work together to create smart and innovative solutions.


No problem is too big. We are trustworthy, resourceful problem solvers who get the job done.

get taken care of

By joining Lightwire, you become part of a humble, hungry, driven and relentlessly customer focused team. The amazing experience we provide our customers doesn’t happen by accident, it comes as the result of coordinated training and the delivery of targeted wellness initiatives.

Includes an in-house gym (or reimbursement for remote workers), wellness sessions, and Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Coordinator. We offer a 45-minute weekly wellness session to encourage activities and coaching that will support the health and wellbeing of our team (this relays to both physical and mental health).

A quarterly allowance to encourage employees to take ownership of their wellbeing so they can be their best self both personally and professionally, and create new life-long wellbeing habits. 

Different people have different work-ons and areas of interest. We recognise that soft skills and technical expertise are important and as such we offer opportunities to grow in both areas.

Our generous training and development budget allows for a tailored approach for each of our team members. Our department managers and People & Culture team will assist you to design and implement a learning structure that gets you ahead.

We understand that a 9–5 job can be a juggle. So to make things easier for our team, we consider flexible working arrangements to create a work + life fit that works for each individual, as well as the Company. How do we achieve this? We trust our team.

We provide all the setup you need to have an effective home office – it also fits in with our work from anywhere, and flexible working hours philosophy  – sometimes you just need to be able to work from home for a variety of reasons – like family!

An unlimited home internet connection is available to our team from the best provider in town (Lightwire of course!). 

For A players, we recognise that taking that first big step and committing to buying your own home is a big deal, we help with a one-off contribution (up to $7,500) to your deposit.

Lightwire Employee NPS

The best work place?

Disclaimer, we don’t have a fussball or ping-pong table, but we do have a program that adds real benefits that create genuine wellbeing to the team.

At Lightwire we strive to understand the needs of our people and aligning our efforts with these to ensure every team member feels valued for the contribution they make. 

Once someone joins the Lightwire team, they rarely leave.

What career progression looks like

Great careers don’t happen by accident. Over the years, many of Lightwire’s team members have found their careers take off as they grew with the business.

Here are examples from the team detailing their professional journeys within Lightwire.

Lightwire's recruiting process

The recruitment process might differ per role. Below is a rough guideline on what you can expect when you apply.

Lightwire recruitment process vertical
recruitment process

join Lightwire

Job opening or not, we’re always keen to hear from talented people who believe they have something unique to contribute to Lightwire or our partners and clients.

Lightwire is actively looking for the following;


Careers at Lightwire

NOC Cadetship Program

After 6 months with Lightwire, Network Operations Centre (NOC) team members are invited to join our Cadetship program which runs for a 2 year period. During that time you will learn new skills, are presented with opportunities to grow professionally, and are mentored in an area of their interest. 

The NOC Cadetship program is here to;

What your first
months will look like

Alongside ensuring candidates are the right fit for Lightwire, we are aggressively transparent about what it’s like to work for Lightwire – knowing that there’s nothing worse than joining a company to find out months later that what you thought you were signing up for hasn’t lined up as expected.

We want to ensure candidates fully understand the work they will be doing, and how we operate as individuals, a team, and a company.

Here’s what you can expect throughout your first month working for Lightwire.

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