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Data courtesy of Greenfleet, rolling total from 2017 to date


Native trees to restore habitat for native wildlife, improve water and soil quality, and absorb carbon emissions to protect the planet.


Trees donated and planted by Lightwire go on to be protected for at least 100 years ensuring that future generations can reap the benefits.


Minimise the impact that Lightwire staff and technology have on the environment via innovation and sustainability policies.

A Positive impact on others

Lightwire can’t change the world, but we can be a meaningful and well-intentioned part of a bigger picture, one where businesses realise that they must give back to a planet with finite resources instead of getting lost in the pursuit of infinite returns.

Stepping up as a responsible and sustainable business, Lightwire needs to do its part in improving the quality of life for staff, clients, and all the people we are yet to meet.

We believe that the most effective way we can achieve these outcomes, in a way that scales up as we grow, is to partner with local experts to offset more carbon than we use.

A big thanks go to our clients and partners, whose continued support allows us to grow and make efforts such as this possible.

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Partnering for good

To offset carbon emissions in Australia we’ve partnered with Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organisation that has planted over 9.4 million trees across 500 forests since 1997 in Australia and New Zealand.

Greenfleet has done amazing work planting and restoring forests to absorb carbon emissions, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species.

Below are some of the reasons why we work with Greenfleet;

Getting the community involved

Lightwire is proud to be partnering with John Jackson, a local agricultural expert shown here with his team of helpers from Te Akau school. Together, they recently planted 600 plants (Mingimingi, Coprosma rigida, Hukihuki, Kahikatea, Kanuka) in gullies with reduced native trees and bush around Te Akau (West of Ngaruawahia).
Lightwire donated the 600 plants as part of our ongoing program of planting that has been in action since 2017.
Thanks John and Te Akau school for helping to make the planet a greener place!

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